The Rapid City Regional Landfill is a Subtitle D facility permitted for operation by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The Rapid City Landfill is operated as an enterprise. There are no tax dollars supporting any part of the Solid Waste Operations. The tipping fees charged at the gate support the Landfill, Material Recovery Facility and Yard waste composting operations.




We accept clean, cardboard (no wax), mixed recyclables, miscellaneous scrap metal, trees and yard waste at no charge. Recycle items must be separated. Any recyclable items mixed with garbage are charged $59.00 per ton, plus tax.

Special Waste

Petroleum Contaminated Soil

The landfill accepts petroleum contaminated soil after appropriate testing and approval.

Sludges and Sump Wastes

The Rapid City Landfill classifies sludge and sump wastes as special waste. These wastes must be tested for hazardous characteristics before receipt.

A sample of your sump waste will need to be tested for total metals including arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium, and silver; paint filter, pH, and flash point. Testing should be completed once every two years. The labs provide on-site sampling services or a do it yourself sampling kit. Mid-Continent Testing Lab is one environmental lab in Rapid City that can test this contact 348-0111.

The results must be faxed to the landfill prior to disposal. Results must include information about your sump, services provided, a contact name and telephone number for the If the waste is not hazardous and passes the paint filter test. Once approved, you will receive a fax or email confirming acceptance.

Asbestos Manifests

As the waste generator, companies are required to manifest their waste disposal.

Waste Manifest: Asbestos Demolition/Renovation Notification Form

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